Welcome to Thrive church, in the metro east of st louis (granite city), Illinois.


THRIVE is led by Rev. Mike Rayson and Rev Lisa Guilliams. Both Mike and Lisa are former United Methodist Ministers. We meet at 11am Sundays at St Bartholemew’s Episcopal Church in Granite City (2167 Grand Ave, Granite City - IL - 62040), but soon we will be moving both our location and service time. On August 11th, we will move into our permanent home at 2101 Cleveland Blvd, Granite City (St Peter’s Church). Kevin Radar and Band lead our services, and every week you can expect a life giving message by both Mike or Lisa - and sometimes other members of THRIVE.

Every week, we celebrate communion together. We also offer baptism (both infants and adults), confirmation, funerals and marriage services. We believe marriage is a loving, lifelong relationship that is not entered into lightly. The covenant relationship of marriage is celebrated at THRIVE between members of the same, and the opposite sex.

We LOVE kids. Your kids are welcome at THRIVE, even if they make noise. There is a private space for breastfeeding mom’s, and an area at the front of our new church reserved especially for kids. Every Sunday, Rev. Lisa speaks with the children during our service. We offer specific age appropriate children’s activities at 9am on Sunday mornings, and an adult bible study in Pastor Mike’s office (beginning Aug 18th, 2019). During our morning worship service at 10am, we invite you to keep your kids with you. If they are too distracting (for you), there is a nursery in the building available for children (newborn-age 4). Even if they don’t understand what the preacher is saying, we want kids to know that they are always welcome in the church. We don’t “send them out” so the adults can worship - we include them so we can all worship together (even if that worship is coloring or writing on chalk boards).

Along with our brothers and sisters in the kin-dom of God, we seek to make disciples of Jesus who can transform the world. A basic summary of what we believe can be found here.

Please come and join us, Sundays at 11am (til aug 4, 2019 at 2167 grand ave, granite city IL 62040), and 10am (from AUG 11, 2019 at 2101 cleveland blvd, granite city il 62040).

You can contact us by email, or by phone… 618 219 8900.

If calling from the UK - 020 8144 6560.

If calling from Australia - 08 81214360

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Wide is God’s welcome, and you are welcome here:

If you are young or old, you are welcome

If you have brown skin, black skin, white skin, yellow skin or red skin, you are welcome

If you are married or single, you are welcome

If you are gay or straight, you are welcome

If you cannot hear or see, you are welcome

If you are sick or well, you are welcome

If you are a man or a woman, you are welcome

If you are happy or sad, you are welcome

If you are rich or poor, powerful or weak, you are welcome

If you believe in God some of the time or none of the time or all of the time, you are welcome…

You are welcome here.

Come with your gifts, your pain, your hope, your fears

Come with the traditions that have helped you and hurt you

Come with your experiences that have made you and broken you

Come with a mind, ready to engage, and a heart, open to discern

Come and listen for the Sacred Spirit that calls you to love your neighbor wholeheartedly, seek justice, create peace and practice compassion.

You are welcome here.

(adapted from Gordon Brown, in Shaping Sanctuary)

Our Team

Pastor Mike… with Kathy, Adelyn and baby Finley.

Pastor Mike… with Kathy, Adelyn and baby Finley.

Rev. Mike Rayson

Rev Mike Rayson was born in Australia, and immigrated to the United States in 2005. He became a naturalized US citizen in November 2015. Mike is married to Jen, and they have 5 children… Sam (deceased), Laura, Oliver, Kaylee and Max. Mike was educated in Australia and the US at several different seminaries, including PWTH, St Paul, Garrett Evangelical and Candler School of Theology.

You can find out more about Mike by visiting

Mike can be contacted by phone - (931) 249 2369… or by email -

Pastor Lisa… with Pastor Lisa!!!

Pastor Lisa… with Pastor Lisa!!!

Rev. lisa guilliams

Rev Lisa Guilliams loves kids… and gigantic photographs of herself. She has 2 daughters - Sydney and Kirsten. Lisa was educated at Asbury Seminary. She is the chief dreamer of “The Family Treehouse - which includes the ministries of TWIGS , FIGS (Fellowship Involving Granite Seniors), Pack-a-Sack - feeding children over the weekends during the school year, and the monthly Mobile Food Market in Granite City.

Lisa can be contacted by email -



Kevin Radar is the Worship Pastor of THRIVE Church. He is married to Lindsay and they have one daughter, Evie! He is a professional Music Therapist, and doesn’t wear shoes when leading worship!


karen beasley

Karen - or as she is known to her kids and grandkids, “Mama Llama”, is the President of THRIVE church.